Jul 15, 2007

[Geeky Guide] More Tweaking

I'm frustrated that I still can't seem to get this recent comments widget from Hackosphere to work despite following the instructions to the letter - this tells me I'm still being an idiot and I'm missing certain instructions. Damn.

On the bright side, I followed the instructions there to fix the buggy behavior of the expandable posts here on the Geeky Guide (which was causing every entry to have the "Read More" link). My thanks to the folks at Hackosphere and to Misterhubs for pointing out the need to update the code.

Now can anyone help me with the Recent Comments widget? It's now showing up as the empty "Geeky Messages" header on the sidebar. Help? Anyone? Haochi?


  1. I followed the instructions and it fixed my Recent Comments widget problem. Maybe you missed a step?

  2. Obviously the instruction forgot to mention you have to enable the "blog comment feed" under settings->site feed. :)

    Should be working now. :)

  3. @misterhubs - so it seems.

    @haochi - my hero! haha. thanks dude.