Jul 13, 2007

[Geek Guide] Secret Subscribers

Okay, so maybe they're not that secret - I just didn't know about them.

When Blogger allowed users to redirect their feed traffic to a feed service of their choice yesterday (for example FeedBurner), I jumped all over the service and set things to see my FeedBurner feed instead of the Blogger default Atom feed.

Realistically, I was expecting to see a few more users who had subscribed to the Guide directly, sure. For the longest time I only had 8 users on FeedBurner so I was looking forward to bumping that number up a few notches into the realm of double-digits. Little did I know what would greet me upon logging in today.

>Geeky Guide on FeedBurner

WOW! There were 40 others users hiding out there in the ether! My thanks to all of you for deciding to subscribe to the Geeky Guide! I had no idea I had this many regular readers. This just goes to show that page views are definitely an outdated metric of site performance these days.

Again, my thanks to all of you and I hope you take the time to comment more in the future!

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