Jul 3, 2007

[Apple] iPhone Conquers the US; is the world next?

How much is Apple earning on every iPhone sold?

Around US$379 for the 8GB model, US$299 for the 4GB model. Steve Jobs must be proud; Apple shareholders must be happy. (Unless, of course, Cisco gets some piece of the profit pie; it owns the iPhone name, after all.)

Because Apple is not known for disclosing companies that supplied parts for its products (so you can't speculate on stocks and earn), Portelligent has opened an iPhone and scrutinized its parts.

And with around 500,000 units sold in the weekend (Goldman Sachs thinks the number is 700,000), the Apple cash register must have turned hoarse from ringing. Now the question remains: can Apple keep up with the demand?

People outside the US are asking: will we get iPhones, too? The answer is yes. World, get ready - iPhone is set to conquer you. Soon.

As for me, I'm not excited about it; I feel that HTC phones are better. Unless it get 3G radio, that is.

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  1. I watched at TV Patrol that there's a problem with the activation of the iPhone? Apparently the sheer number of people buying it and activating maxed the servers out or something.

  2. this much is true - to avoid activation delays by the traditional process (in-store), they tried a new method via iTunes which wasn't working too well throughout the weekend.

  3. I think the problem was on AT&T's end, which has been solved over the weekend.

  4. True enough - the iPhone and iTunes in itself wasn't the core issue but bandwidth concerns with AT&T. It wasn't because of the sheer number of customers but because of unrelated technical issues in Texas that required their cellular traffic to be rerouted elsewhere around the network...or so it has been reported.