Jun 19, 2007

[TV] Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Who Wants to Be a Superhero

When they started showing season one of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, I was naturally drawn to the show. Sure, it's cheesy and the heroes look pretty lame, but the geek in me just couldn't resist. I mean come on, how can you not be curious as to how Stan "The Man" Lee is going to test this group of True Believers in order to determine who deserves to become immortalized as a comic?

Total fandom!

The show only runs for six episodes so there are multiple eliminations per show. Stan Lee, of Marvel Comics fame, pretty much grounded the show in the sort of 1960's classic values that helped shape many of his core heroes in his titles like Captain American and Spider-Man.

The season had it's fair share of gems in terms of challenges that initially seem to be testing one thing but instead focus on another. I liked that aspect, which kept the players on their toes and made them really thing about every aspect of being a superhero.

From the start you can't help but peg the people who are bound to win given their personalities and how much they choose to live true their superhero personas and any good comic book geek is going to be able to predict the end. Most of the heroes are pretty lame, so it's only natural that a select few will emerge as those with real mettle for getting through to the end.

They've already announced that a second season will be done with ten episodes this time, so I hope this gives them a greater opportunity for more interesting challenges and perhaps true villains to challenge the heroes? Who knows? Hehehe...

You can still catch the show here locally on JackTV (Skycable 51) in case you're curious. There are two more episodes to go before we finish the season, although avoid the website if you don't want to find out who won.

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