Jun 26, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Podcasting Soon

After writing my review for The Dan and Rye Show, I got into a conversation with Doni a.k.a. keanoidd over on LiveJournal regarding podcasts and his recent interet in trying to set one up.

Being the good geeky friend, I started searching for suitable sites and we went over his options. At the same time, it got me thinking about setting one up for the Geeky Guide given it seems easy enough and it would be an interesting addition to the current content on the site.

So I've signed up for an account over at MyPodcast.com and I'll try a test broadcast as soon as I get home. I'm not sure what the reception for this podcast is going to be, but I'm definitely curious.

Just to remain consistent with my naming conventions, I'll be using a title header of [GeekyCast] for these experimental podcasts along with a GeekyCast label to help you guys sort through things. I hope this allows me to post more frequent updates despite my current work schedule, but then I might be wrong, eh? Look forward to our first podcast later today.

What do you think about the thought of a "GeekyCast" anyway? Do you think this is something you'd want to subscribe to? What kinds of topics would you like to be discussed during these podcasts? Your input remains invaluable in determining what direction we take these podcasts along with improving the Geeky Guide as a whole.



  1. haha, thanks haochi!

    if you want to contribute, that would be über cool as well. =D