May 20, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] They Call Me Maruja

They Call Me Maruja

This week let's go on and visit royalty courtesy of They Call Me Maruja: A Colorful Life at Random. Just remember, this is an Empress that we're about to meet...

They Call Me Maruja is an interesting blog whose entires tend to focus around entertainment topics like movies, music, celebrities, reality TV and the like. Oh, and one can't forget beauty pageants, right? His entries remain rather diverse and I'm still trying to digest the entire scope of things. Given he's been blogging since August 2005, there are a lot of entries to go through.

Overall the blog has a clean look and he uses entry cuts well in keeping the landing page fairly readable. This may just be a personal preference, but I have challenges when the homepage has too many flash embeds loading that my poor computer gets overwhelmed. Maruja has managed to keep things balanced so that you see just enough about each entry to get interested but not too much such that things start to slow down. Good job! Despite the cuts though, I'd still caution you office websurfers that this blog remains to be NSFW since one you pop one of those links, you are bound to incriminate yourself as being gayer than Disney whether through pictures of scantily clad men or funny entertainment anecdotes from past and present that only a gay guy would find interesting, hehe.

In his About pages, he mentions that he blogs in two languages - English and Filipino Gay Speak (sic) as he calls it. Humorously enough, his profile includes Gay Speak "translations" of his English profile to further highlight the differences, hehe. Normally his personal entries are predominantly in-language while his larger entertainment posts are predominantly English, not that it really matters either way.

What does matter is that this blog remains quite the entertaining read and I'm sure you'll have fun reading what the Empress has to say.

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  1. I always look forward to his PNTM bangis awards.

    All hail the Empress! :)