May 7, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Fresh Mess

Fresh Mess

It's time for your weekly dose of queer blogging ladies, gentlemen and all those who haven't made up their minds...(haha, name the reference!). This week I've opted to try and be a little more fashion forward with a look at Fresh Mess:

Fresh Mess is the blog of Mark Carandang, and it's been devilishly tricky for even a geek like me to search for his personal info on the web. At least so far, haha. I love a challenge!

Back to business, Fresh Mess is anything but disorganized or haphazard - the blog's look is rather clean and Spartan in many ways however this speaks of a more deliberate and calculated design philosophy. Fresh Mess is a Blogger blog, with all the benefits and limitations that gives us bloggers. Initially I'd tag the blog as NSFW given the wide mix of entries, many of them picture-enhanced. Oooh.

The blog is mainly a fashion and travel blog given Mark does appear to be quite the cosmopolitan jet setter. The blog covers items both public and personal given its generous mix of stories about his life and perhaps the next big thing that Mark has encountered in his travels. I envy his ability to travel! At least he's generous with pictures so you can share in his international experiences while at the same time he doesn't go overboard such that it overwhelms your computer or increases page load time. Sorry, I weigh these things in in terms of these reviews, haha. I am a geek after all.

All in all, it's a nice blog that's well written and manages to tell some interesting stories through the pictures he choses to post. I like the deliberate feel to things given it's not just a a series of random photos posted at the same time hoping you figure out what happened, like some psych exam you're being subjected to. Kudos!

Hope you enjoy visiting this blog!

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