May 21, 2007

[Movies] Young Frankenstein

Young FrankensteinYoung Frankenstein remains to be one of my favorite Mel Brooks movies of all time, and some even allege that it is also one of his. Remember, this is the same comedic genius behind Blazing Saddles. The thing with Mel Brooks movies is that they're not in the same genre of the ridiculously slapstick, gross-out comedies we see so prevalent today. Instead it's a lot smarter and wittier and it takes a certain appreciation to get all the jokes.

Young Frankenstein is a dramatic comedy of sorts about Frederick Frankenstein, the grandson of the more famous mad scientist who created the original Frankenstein monster. Here the younger Frankenstein is already an established medical doctor when he is informed that he has become the sole heir of the Frankenstein estate. This becomes the premise for him to return to Transylvania and learn more about this grandfather's work.

The movie is presented to appear like a classic horror movie, all done in black and white (no offense! harhar) and the actors handled their roles as if it were a drama, for the most part. That sort of thing helped heighten the comedic elements around things and made all the running gags even more funny. The gags keep on coming throughout the film ranging from Igor's hump to the name that strikes fear into any horse - Frau Blücher! *horse whinnies* LOL

Sorry, I'm having too much fun with this.

Many might compare this movie to something like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although it's a lot less campy and without the LGBT undercurrents, hehe. There are definitely similarities though and I wouldn't be surprised if one pays limited homage to the other, haha. Just remember Frankenstein came first, technically. *squee*

I have to admit this might not be the kind of movie for everyone - then again the same rule holds true for any Mel Brooks film. It may seem boring in parts but if that's the case, that means you're missing out on some of the jokes, hehe.

You can only see this on DVD these days, but it's more than worth it because of all the bonus content on the disc including outtakes and deleted scenes which help explain a lot of things that were left somewhat underdeveloped in the original film.

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