May 9, 2007

[Entertainment] Paris Running From the Big House

Flickr: Bunyamin Najmi - Paris Hilton & Games

After being sentenced to 45 days in jail for breaking probation through a DUI arrest, it appears that the young heiress is pulling out all the stops in trying to get herself pardoned from serving the sentence. No, we're not talking about ridiculous amounts of money. Darn.

Instead Paris has taken her case to the court of public opinion via MySpace, of all places. Now just how "hot" is that, eh? To kick of her petition, Paris had this to say in a MySpace blog entry:

"My friend Joshua started this petition, please help and sihn it...i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!"

Yes, the spelling lapse was part of the original message, haha. Classic.

The petition is going to be brought to the attention of California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the hopes that he'll issue a pardon given what a boon she is to mankind. Oh yes, Paris is such a beacon of light for everyone, a paragon of virtue and someone we'd all want our daughters to grow up to be like. What other supporters are saying is that at least she's sorrt for her mistake and, well, at least she didn't kill anyone. Right...

You do realize I'm being sarcastic, right?

If you're not into MySpace, other fans have actually launched, a place where not only can you sign another petition but you can also buy merchandise like T-shirts and buttons - yeah, let's all show our support!

Come on, Paris! It's just 45 days! Even Martha did more than that, why can't you? What makes you so special that we need to get the governor to pardon her?

This is the wonderful world we live in.

Photo linked from Bunyamin Najmi's photostream.


  1. I think Paris should exploit her incarceration to her fullest advantage. A Simple Life: Prison Edition, maybe? By the way, I love those Free Paris T-shirts. They're like so hot y'all. Hehe.

  2. haha, hot indeed. =P

    only Paris Hilton would trigger something like this. oy vei...