May 17, 2007

[Call Centers] Help! Product Trainers Needed!

This post originally appeared on my personal blog, Beyond Dinobot Island.

When my work life needs to get this involved in my blogging (and actually prevents me from blogging extensively about more interesting topics), then you know I'm really dealing with a lot of stress.

The call center where I work is in urgent need of Product Trainers for one of our telecommunications accounts which is aggressively ramping over the next few months. There are multiple lines of business that are in need of trainers ranging from inbound and outbound sales and more importantly technical support. Experience with telecommunications accounts / campaigns is, of course, a plus. I can't guarantee schedules initially since the ramp has us plotting classes 24/7 but once things settle down, expect to be predominantly on night shift. QC residents are a plus since these accounts will be primarily housed in our new QC facility. Ultimately these trainers will report into my umbrella of accounts.

I am also in need to Training Supervisors for a customer service / sales account and for a technical support account also within the telecommunications arena.

Oh, and I almost forgot that we also need Core Skills trainers to handle our in-house communications and customer service training. These trainers will be primarily dayshift and will report to a colleague of mine.

I can't quote salaries in this forum but there will be considerations if you're bringing extensively and highly related experience to the table. If you're interested, leave a comment on this entry or email your resume directly to me and we'll put your through the process. This is for immediate hiring and the sooner you can come on board, the better. Also if you know of anyone who might be interested, kindly let them know or forward their contact details to me via the same email address.

I am totally serious about this. It might be a weird way of getting help, but I'm pretty desperate and we're looking for a large number of trainers, especially for technical support. I hope I'll have time for a more personal entry later. Good grief.

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