Apr 20, 2007

[Security] Simple Phishing Scams via SMS

F-Secure has posted something that is rather familiar in the Philippines in a sense.

An text message or SMS will be sent to a potential victim, which tells the recipient that he/she won a certain amount of money or a car from a certain institution.

The difference is that the criminal does not ask for an account/ATM card number. The criminal is instead interested in getting money from a target victim. The criminal will either ask to meet the victim to get the money, or the criminal will ask the victim to deposit the money in a certain account (before the "prize" can be given to the victim).

Naturally, the prize is non-existent. The victim is screwed.

The usual "prize money" is one million pesos, the usual "prize car" is an SUV. Even the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Monetary Authority) was used as the institution that conducted the "raffle".

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