Apr 24, 2007

[Microsoft] Microsoft to Release Client Security Software

Microsoft is now ready to take on software security giants like Symantec and McAfee on its way to world domination.

Steve Ballmer has announced that its Forefront Client Security software is ready for final release in a few weeks.

Money quote from CNet News.com report:

Microsoft is ramping up its efforts to convince businesses that it's the solution to, and not the source of, their security woes.

There was a joke, circulating when Microsoft announced OneCare, that comes to mind. Microsoft will earn money from security software; after all, its operating system is the source of majority of security woes in the world. With monthly patches to Windows (with the latest vulnerability being exploited in the wild), the joke is not that unfounded.

Sure, most security software have their own problems. But with Windows installed on loads of machines everywhere, the holes in the OS are security headaches. Microsoft's entry in the security business was met with raised eyebrows.

As for me, as long as WGA remains (which is a spyware in my opinion), Microsoft is a nobody at the security business.

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