Apr 9, 2007

[Books] Hogfather

I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels given their intelligent humor, amusing wit and blatant satire of a wide range of familiar elements from Shakespeare to international politics.

I just recently purchased and completed reading Hogfather, the 20th book in the Discworld "series" which spoofs the holiday of Christmas and many other popular children's beliefs and myths. It's a book in the quasi-classifcation of Discworld books that involve Death and his granddaughter of sorts Susan Sto Helit.

It's quite the interesting read, although I may be somewhat biased in this assessment since I really love the Death / Susan books right up there with the ones involving The Witches. The humor remains top notch and is delightfully British, again something I really appreciate.

There's a certain mix of intelligence and cheesiness of humor that is needed in order to fully appreciate the books in this series since the jokes can be amazingly intelligent or stupidly corny but either way remain highly amusing at the end of the day. Hogfather continues to adhere to that writing principle and most fantasy fans will surely appreciate this book.

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