Mar 1, 2007

[Web] A Refreshing Java Commentary

Go on, admit it - you've bought coffee at Starbucks at least once, buying into the mythos that surrounds the highly popular coffee franchise. Despite the long lines, the overly complicated products and the strange product offerings, we keep going back time after time.

I came across an interesting TIME Magazine article by Bill Saporito about the sorry state the coffee giant is in today in relation to an internal memo leaked to the public. In the memo, founder and chairman Howard Schultz talks about how people can no longer wake up and smell the coffee at Starbucks because of increasing automation. Saporito instead explains the real reasons the coffee experience has been lost, and does so very well.

This is an excellent read that I highly recommended to all you Geeky Guide readers out there. If you really like it, feel free to Digg the article as well. He manages to capture all of our frustrations in getting even a basic cup of coffee these days.

Photo linked from Flickr user the brothers giant's photostream.

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