Mar 21, 2007

[Viral Video Chart] Barack vs Clinton

YouTube: YouChoose '08

We all know that the campaign war for the 2008 US Presidential elections have started pretty early, and this has gained recognition on the web as well. In fact, YouTube has even created a channel devoted to political videos from the candidates themselves. This is not to say they're the only one talking about politics. Leave it to the web community to create their own brand of videos for their respective candidates.

So as a new category for The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything, I thought it might be interesting to highlight videos currently making waves over on the Viral Video Chart, which has always been in communication with the Geeky Guide in one way or another.

I was surprised to see that amongst the top 10 videos were two opposing videos playing on the classic "1984" theme as derived from an old commercial used for the Super Bowl, if I'm not mistaken. Which one do you like better?

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