Mar 6, 2007

[US] The Walter Reed Issue

Flickr: crispulo - Wounded Soldier

The news is overrun with reports related to the issues surrounding the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. You have to admit, it's a pretty big issue for everyone, although probably one right up the Democrat's alley, hehe. Just think about it - it's about health care and ties up with Iraq and reasons to end the war.

See what I mean?

At the heart of the issue is how the government is treating its veterans, including those fresh from the conflict in Iraq. With the war generating a steady stream of injured and newly-disabled, this is definitely going to be come a sensitive issue with everyone. Unfortunately, it's also going to become cannon fodder for the parties' campaigns and it's more likely that everyone will lose site of the true issues in the end and just see the number of prospective voters to be won over.

This wasn't something new or sudden - that's what gets to me the most. These people were systematically being marginalized through shrinking budgets and eventually privatization of the facility. This isn't just about Walter Reed - this is a single symptom of a larger problem that should have been addressed a long time ago. This is just another issue that the parties were rally around but in time they'll forget as the politicians of the world always do.

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