Mar 4, 2007

[TV] #1 Single

Flickr: isism - Lisa LoebGiven I live outside of the US, it's only natural for some shows to take a while before getting here. To my regret, one such show was the E! Online reality series #1 Single. The show documented the single exploits of singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb given her past two relationships were both six-year stints.

Maybe I just really like Lisa Loeb that I enjoyed this series. She's wonderfully smart and witty and yet playfully fun at the same time. The way she goes through life seems so...authentic somehow, so genuine such that her early celebrity status didn't really affect her and turn into some strange monstrosity such as many of the other stars we see these days.

Imagine my dismay when I finally went online to find out that the show only ran for 8 episodes from January 22 - March 19, 2006. Based on some of the online reviews, a lot of people found her somewhat spiteful or bitter or something, such that they just didn't enjoy her exploits as a 30-something in New York.

I don't really care for them - I still love her to bits.

For those of you in the Philippines who might be interested, they're currently showing #1 Single on ETC (SkyCable Channel 52) on Mondays at 09:00pm with replays throughout the weekend in case you want to try the show out or just to see how Lisa Loeb is these days, more or less.

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