Mar 15, 2007

[Philippines] PERC Survey Results

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So the latest survey results are in and the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy has found the Philippines to be the most corrupt economy in the eyes of foreign investors in the area amongst 13 countries.

The PERC survey is designed to have only foreign nationals operating in the said country participate. Each respondent is asked to rate the level of corruption on a 10-point scale with ten being the highest. Our latest rating as a nation comes in a 9.4 - the highest score any country has received.

Of course PERC has set parameters around the survey and actually recommends that countries do not compare scores amongst themselves but instead look only at their own ratings and compare them to past results. This is because the investors and such aren't asked to rate all countries, just the ones they are involved with, which makes sense.

However no matter how you look at it, it's not good to get any scores in the range of 9. It probably makes sense since we're approaching national elections, and that's always a volatile time. However the nature of the trend in ratings for the country over the years indicates that while the level of corruption may not have necessarily increased, but nothing is really being done about it in order to reduce it either, hence things just get worse.

Just another feather for GMA's cap, hahaha.

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