Mar 25, 2007

[Movies] Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles posterSlow Sunday today and I decided to have a movie day given the large number of DVDs I've purchased in recent months. On a whim I "whipped out" a great classic comedy, a little movie called Blazing Saddles. I loved this movie as a kid and I wanted to make sure that my appreciation for it wasn't just born out of childhood naivety.

Mel Brooks movies need a certain kind of humor to be fully appreciated. They're not the kind of movies that make you fall off your chair, rolling in laughter. They always tend to be a bit more subtle than that, the key being the actors remaining totally deadpan and in character, thus making the inane situations all the more funny. More than anything, his movies are always witty and satirical, often taking any opportunity to sneak in small political statements here and there.

Blazing Saddles is definitely no exception, considering the story in itself is about a black sheriff trying to protect the town of Rock Ridge, something unheard of in the stereotypical Western tale. Through in corrupt government officials trying to make money of the path of the railroad and you have this movie, littered with subtle sight gags and constant reminders that you're still watching a movie given often actors breach the "fourth wall."

The movie should be out on DVD considering it already past its 30th anniversary back in 2004. It's a great buy considering all the additional scenes as part of the special features along with commentary by Mel Brooks himself!

If you really want to know what classic comedy is all about, then you definitely have to see this movie. Forget about the excessive slapstick and gross-out antics of today, this is comedic writing at its best.

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