Mar 27, 2007

[Magazines] Mega Magazine: August 2006 Issue

Mega Magazine logoAfter cruising the bargain bins and magazine stalls, I finally found a back issue of Mega Magazine's August 2006 for only Php 35.00. It's not that I'm a big Mega Magazine fan, but I had been curious to see how a certain article turned out that the writer had consulted with me about via email.

The feature article entitled Call of Duty written by Aol C. Rivera was a look at the call center generation here in the Philippines and what it could all possibly mean in the long run. She had sent me a partial draft when writing this article in order to get my opinion on the concern and I couldn't help but react somewhat violently.

Just take this paragraph as an example of the initial premise:

In 2006, these call center agents are well-known as human chimneys crowding in front of your office building, smoking away their ubiquitous cigarette. Often loud and rowdy, call center people have earned the disdain of the professionals with whom they share buildings. Based on that impression, CCRs are often characterized as rude and un-professional. Does this unbecoming behavior reflect a form of deterioration in the work environment? Do graveyard shifts lead to dead-end careers? Are call centers the new professional wasteland?

Come on, how could I not react violently to something like that?

I was kinda pleased that they quoted me extensively, although at the time of the writing of the article I was only a Training Supervisor. I got full credits for my identity and they actually used a line from my article as the closing piece:

Ultimately, Rocky believes, call centers may provide a setting where young Filipinos are exposed to not just more information, but to a new kind of information that they wouldn't have otherwise been aware of. "The call centers may be helping in getting them the information, he says, "but they are not the agents of cultural change - that is still up to the individual."

It's not much, but I got words in print! I so want to be able to write for a living, haha. Pipe dreams...

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