Mar 17, 2007

[Google] Additional Acquisitions

Google pulled a double-whammy yesterday with two announced acquisitions of other tech companies, in a manner of speaking.

First came the announcement that Google had acquired Gapminder's Trendanalyzer technology, which had already been hosted on Google's servers for some time. Trendanalyzer presents users with interesting ways of displaying data beyond your standard pie charts and bar graphs. I wonder if they'll try to figure out ways to integrate this technology with Google Trends somehow, which allows users to see search patterns and behaviors represented graphically.

Adscape Media logoThen came the announcement that Google had also acquired Adscape media, which is a company that focuses on developing in-game ads. With the massive boom of MMORPGs, this does seem to be a potentially interesting venture that should promise to be rather lucrative should Google manage things well. Then again, they have demonstrated abilities in this area time and time again.

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