Feb 1, 2007

[US] Those Damned Mooninites!

Mooninites on eBay

Those damned, dirty Mooninites!

Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that. Call me a fan of the classics.

The citizens of Boston experienced a false terrorist scare because of an on-going marketing campaign being conducted to support the Cartoon Network Adult Swim show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The promotion involved several several circuit boards wrapped in black tape or duct tape and when turned on the LEDs would form the shape of one of the Mooninites Ignignokt or Err, characters from the popular show. Why people found these lights suspicious, or even outright dangerous is beyond me. Given this sort of underground marketing campaign was being conducted in ten cities across America, I don't understand why only the residents of Boston thought they were potentially bombs.

I guess they don't watch the show.

Of course some resourceful entrepreneurs managed to snag a few of the boards before they were taken down and they're now being offered up for sale on eBay. Go figure.

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