Feb 5, 2007

[Games] New Command and Conquer 3 Trailer

Sweet! Something I'm happy to have come across on Digg, here's the latest trailer for EA's Command and Conquer 3 game, a sequel to the hit real-time strategy series that has always maintain a place in my gamer's heart, hehe.

GameDrift: New Command & Conquer 3 Trailer

The big change now is the addition of a third race - apparently an alien one to boot - to the classic struggle between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod. The video looks pretty good and I'm hoping it'll be a good addition to the series. Things pretty much peaked for me with the release of Red Alert Counterstrike since I always felt the gameplay was way too good in that game and the balance between races was pretty good too.

Let's home EA will bring something good to this next addition to the series.

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