Jan 21, 2007

[US Politics] Hillary Goes 2.0

Today it has been announced pretty much everywhere that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has officially announced her intent to make a bid for the US Presidency. While this information doesn't surprise anyone, the manner in which she made this announcement is what catches the interest of the Geeky Guide.

Hillary Clinton.com

Instead of the usual press conference or some major campaign rally, Hillary chose to make her announcement through her website HillaryClinton.com, a definite first in this political arena. A series of videos and informative pages can now be found on her page for interested voters and supporters.

Why this medium? Is this her way of showing she's in touch with the younger crowd or some poppycock like that? It's hard to say at this point, but she's definitely trying to play up to the internet community. As part of her announcement to form a presidential exploratory committee, she has stated that starting Monday, January 22, 2007, she'll be participating in a series of web chats with anyone who's interested in order to touch base with the people and get their views and ideas on how to solve the problems plaguing their country today.

She definitely needs to do something to set her apart from the rest, given that this early in the race, her biggest opponent is not coming from the Republican party but from fellow Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who announced his intent to run earlier this week. Support for both candidates is fairly significant at this point but it remains to be soon which of the two will ultimately win the candidacy seat in order to represent the Democratic Party.

Now, does anyone feeling like chatting with Hillary next week? ü

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