Jan 19, 2007

[US] Only Wedded Bliss Allowed

People are always talking about silly US state laws that have managed to survive over the years. Then again there are other times when silly laws remain surprisingly resilient and refust to go away.

Case on point: North Dakota's anti-cohabilitation law. The states that a man and a woman cannot live together unless they're legally married - a terribly conservative law if I've ever heard of one. While it's not consistently enforced, it has been called into action from time to time within the state of North Dakota and in six other states with similar laws which are Florida, Michigan, Missisipi, North Carolina, Virigina and West Virginia.

The news comes up since Tracy Potter (D-Bismarck) is asking the State Legislature repeal the law. Despite the inconsistency in enforcing the law, there are still opponents to this move mainly on supposed moral grounds. Those supporting the law claim removing the law would be some sort of attack against marriage or some other baloney.

Come on you guys! There are hundreds of thousands of Americans living together outside of marriage. They're not dancing around in sin or some hooey like that - that's just their choice and you shouldn't be letting some stupid old law remain in effect, constantly threatening that status!

Sometimes, I just don't get conservative America.

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