Jan 6, 2007

[Technology] 1 Million Megabytes

CNET News.com: Hitachi Terabyte Drive

I remember how things were pretty much ten years ago when it seemed practically insane to have a Pentium processor and having 500 Megabytes of memory was such a big thing. These days we've gotten so used to having Gigabyte drives that living on mere Megabytes seems next to impossible.

Now the news has come out that Hitachi is coming out with a terabyte drive, the first company so far to break the 1,000 Gigabyte barrier. Rival Seagate is expected to come out with a similar drive within the first half of this year.

That much storage capacity is estimated to hold 250,000 MP3s, which translates into about two years of solid listening without repeating songs - a weird analogy, you have to admit. While it may seem next to ludicrous to even consider what to do with that much storage with history as a precedent we're bound to develop ways of utlizing the space and still demand for more in the future.

These are definitely interesting times.

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