Jan 9, 2007

[Philippines] Presidents Say the Darndest Things

As if keeping a lookout for what Dubya has to say wasn't funny enough, our own Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has her own unique brand of ridiculousness.

Case in point - just caught this article on Inquirer.net about a recent press conference held by the local Commander-in-Chief.

It turns out that over the weekend, five members of the Abu Sayyaf, a local terrorist group, were "neutralized" in a sea encounter along with an Indonesian Jemaah Islamiyah millitant. Good job right? Of course it is! I'm all for terrorists getting what they deserve and all that - what gets my dander up is to have the President take an amazingly stupid leap in logic to say that this single encounter was a "stunning victory" and they the terrorists were "doomed to annihilation."

Talk about hyperbole. I think she's been using Dubya as a model in life way too much.

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