Jan 30, 2007

[Microsoft] Enter: Vista

Today's the "big" launch of Windows Vista, the latest version of the Windows Operating System.

Of course the question on everyone's mind is if it's worth the time, effort and most of all money to switch to the new OS already. The Geeky Guide has been doing its part to research possibilities, and here's what we've come up with in terms of research data.

Dropping by CNET.com, there's a lot to be said about Windows Vista, of course. There have been some disappointments for XP users upgrading to Vista since the new license policy doesn't allow for a clean install - you need a certified version of Windows XP still installed on your PC. Furthermore, experts are saying Vista isn't worth solely the security aspect in terms of a purchasing decision. Vista for now performs similary to a well-patched Windows XP so security alone shouldn't force a decison. Heck, most users are going to end up with the home edition, won't even get all the security features that the Microsoft marketing folk keep ranting about.

I guess if you really want to experience Aero, then go right on ahead and upgrade. Otherwise, it's better to wait it out some more while the other software and hardware companies catch up in making their products fully compatible with the new OS.

PC World also had a lot of interesting things to say about Vista's release. They have both a list of 15 reasons to switch and why you shouldn't as well, and both sides present some pretty interesting arguments. Of course for those wanting to just know more about what it's all about, try checking out this extensive guide. Lastly, if you're just after the look-and-feel of the new OS, you might want to experiment with these Windows XP hacks to make your PC run like Vista.

On the other side of the fence are those that argue that this is also a good time to consider switching to a new OS since migrating to Vista will have a learning curve factored in as well. You can consider going Mac now or perhaps trying Ubuntu Linux as some bloggers argue. (Credit to Digg for that last reference.

Personally, I think it's too early to tell if it's worth the switch. For now I'm staying with XP unless I need to get a new computer. Only then will I consider going the Vista route, or perhaps I'll finally make that switch to Ubuntu, hehe.

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