Jan 3, 2007

[Beta] Happy New Year!

Hello again Geeky Friends!

Pardon me for my long absence - it's been a rather busy holiday season and I've also been doing a lot of thinking about where I want to take the Guide this year. Last year was all about getting things set up and off the ground and I think we've at least managed that much. There's still a lot of work to do and I'm still hoping to get this blog updated a lot more often.

We already have Haochi as part of the team and I'm still open to having more bloggers join the Guide and contribute their thoughts and ideas. You can write about pretty much anything under the sun - this is a Guide to Nearly Everything After All.

Before I go, I thought it might be nice to share this interesting letter published back in October on Time Magazine. It's a letter written by a US Marine serving time in Iraq which I only got to read recently.

It's such an honest look at how things are like in Iraq and it certainly gives you something to think about. I don't know myself how this connects to the new year - I just wanted to share.

Here's a link to The Secret Letter From Iraq


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