Jan 10, 2007

[Apple] Reinventing the Phone

I never really understood what was so big about the iPod - and I mean no offense to fans of the MP3 player market, really. I guess I was just never a mobile music person. Heck, I never truly got the appeal of the Walkman either, haha. Perhaps it's time for me to change my (i)tune with Apple's more recent announcement.

In recent years Apple has been playing around with their revolutionary iPod concept. They made it hold even more ridiculous amounts of songs while making it smaller and smaller. They gave it a bigger screeen of video. Now they've made the big leap everyone's been talking about - at least in the tech rumor circles.

During today's Macworld conference Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone - and NO, I'm not talking about that Cisco crap. We're talking about the new mobile phone product from Apple that runs on OS X - I kid you not! Why on earth would a mobile phone need something that powerful?

Because it can do so much.

I'm practically drooling as I've been reading the Live Macworld Coverage over on CNET courtesy of Tom Krazit and the iPhone sounds amazing.

It's sleek and slim and amazingly powerful. Just like the iPod, the iPhone is changing the way we deal with technology with what they're calling the "multitouch" system, which makes the buttons change depending on what application you're running. Say goodbye to mobile browsing - the iPhone lets you run full webpages and even complete browsers like Safari. All that plus the usual iPod music component and a 2 megapixel camera.

You can view pictures from his keynote address here:
Good lord, he claimed they we going to reinvent the phone, a somewhat cheesy tagline used by AT&T CallVantage when they tried to hit it big. This time, however, I think Apple has actually done it.

I want one!!!

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