Dec 20, 2006

[Media] Time's Person of the Year

If you haven't had a chance to pick up the latest copy of Time Magazine for this week, then you may be surprised at who they've named as Person of the Year.

Believe it or not, it's YOU.

Time Magazine CoverNo seriously, you, the person reading this blog entry, are Time's Person of the Year. The reason behind this is all because of how the information age is driven by user content now, and I have to admit this analysis makes sense, in a way.

This is the year that blogging has truly come to the forefront in all areas whether in terms of political opinions or random ramblings of everyday people. This is the year that sites like YouTube and MySpace really allowed people to express themselves freely through user-generated content like home videos, original music and and many other things.

There have been mixed reactions to the issue - while some find it apt and appropriate, others find it a bit of a cop-out with it's somewhat cheesy "mirror" cover and the fact that there is no actual individual named as Person of Year.

Personally, I feel the issue does make sense. This has been a year for the internet user, for open source initiatives and Web 2.0 applications. This has been a year where the opinions of the individual have mattered more than ever, whether in terms of the success of a movie, the career or a politician or simply the popularity of a celebrity and the discover of new ones.

Heck, how often does one get to say that he's been named Person of the Year, right?

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