Nov 22, 2006

[World Affairs] Real Life Spy Games?

Image Source: ReutersIf you've been following the international news scene recently, you must have heard something about Alexander Litvinenko, former KGB agent, who is now suffering in a British hospital from some sort of poisoning. It was originally reported that he was suffering from thallium poisoning, but later on it was concluded that while he does indeed have significant amounts of thallium in his system, they do not explain his symptoms and are unlikely the cause of his current condition.

The whole thing feels like something right out of a Hollywood spy movie, but it's not all that far fetched to consider this possibility. Litvinenko has been known to be a critic of the Kremlin and actions to silence the former Russian spy become a lot easier to believe given this information. Then again, it's just too perfect to be real, right?

Many speculate that the poison was radioactive in nature given the slow and painful decline his body is making. Pretty much, the only thing that the media can agree on is that no one has any idea what's going on with this guy.

Two mysteries remain - what is killing him and who poisoned him? This is one whodunnit that I'd love to see the ending for sometime soon, hopefully in time to save our poor ex-spy.

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