Nov 29, 2006

[World Affairs] The Iraq Name Game

Fact: Approximately 3,700 Iraqi civilians are estimated to have been killed last month because of the continuing conflict.

Fact: A large part of the conflict in Iraw (although no all of it) is because of the aggression between the Sunnis and the Shiites.

Fact: The LA Times was the first media agency to adopt the term "civil war" to describe the conflict in Iraw.

Fact: Now most media agencies including NBC, CNN, and Newsweek have also adopted the term "civil war".

So why is it that George "Dubya" Bush refuses to acknowledge this is what's going on in Iraq? I mean come on, we've been "on the verge" and "possibly leading up to" cival war for months now and yethe still thinks this is just additional clean-up work after the Iraw war "finished" with the capture of Saddam Hussein?

It gets worse.

Despite the significant outcry for a change in foreign policy when it comes to Iraq, Dubya has also released a very strong statement that the US will not pull out of Iraq until "the mission is complete" and the "insurgency" is suppressed completely. Then again, I can't help but ask whatever happend to the warm and fuzzy Mission Accomplished photo opportunity? It's pretty much been three years since Bush claimed an end to major combat operations in Iraw and yet still the death toll continues to rise.

Once can only hope that the Democrat-controlled House will be able to do something about all this but it appears Bush is intent on digging his toes into the sand in order to hold his ground on the Iraw issue.

This is going to be an even longer war than anyone ever imagined.

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