Oct 13, 2006

[US] Plane + Building = Nightmares?

Just reading a headline involving the elements (1) New York City, (2) an airplane, (3) hitting a building seems like a recipe for disaster in post-9/11 America. Of course, that's exactly what happened and remains one of the top headlines across the world right now.

National Post imageWhile the initial reports had pretty much everyone, American or not, thinking about the tragic events of 2001, the initial fears soon resolved themselves into somewhat relief when the full story was revealed. Of course, this is not to belittle the death of New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle, who was piloting the small plane at the time it crashed into a New York condominium on October 11. Don't get started on the whole 11th bit, too.

I can't even begin to imagine what common New Yorkers are thinking right now. Let's face it - the country is supposed to be more secure than ever after all the security changes implemented by the Bush Administration and yet, to simplify things somewhat extremely, planes are still hitting buildings! What is up with that?

Expect to see a knee jerk reaction from the FAA in the coming weeks, doing something like requiring flight plans from ALL flights, regardless of the size of the plane or their distance from residential or commercial areas. I know, I exaggerate, but allow me this indulgence. It is a blog after all, haha.

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