Oct 5, 2006

[Call Centers] India and the BBC

The Indian call center industry is currently worried about a BBC documentary set to air in the UK on Thursday about security breaches at Indian call centers, related to how customer account information has been sold for profit by third party groups dealing with the BPO companies' employees for profit.

Being in the call center industry myself here in the Philippines, the news can mean a different number of things for us. On one side, the expose of sorts, based on a year's worth of investigative journalism, promises to paint the Indian call center industry in a negative light. This might help drive more business to other outsourcing countries like the Philippines or perhaps in companies in South America.

On the other hand, this might trigger an international backlash against all call centers regardless of country of operations, thereby driving companies to return their call center traffic to their domestic operations. Who can really tell where the dice will fall?

What do you think?

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