Sep 21, 2006

[The Web] Video Top Ten

CNet is a favorite source of tech news and information for me whether from their official news sources or from their many tech blogs.

I chanced upon a recent blog entry on CNet that talked about services that attempt to rank the top videos being linked to or posted across the blogosphere.

Of the two services mainly discussed, I found myself partial to the Viral Video Chart, which relies primarily on the number of video links rather than requiring a user pool to vote for the best videos (which is the method other ranking services are using). This makes their approach similar to Google, in a way.

You can filter your results to display the top ranked videos for today, the week or the month, which is pretty convenient for now. Hopefull more options will be made available in the future like user feedback, tagging or other avenues for interaction.

So far, the service only draws upon videos from YouTube, MySpace, and Google Video, but I wouldn't be surprised if this expands later on, should the site gain popularity.

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