Sep 1, 2010

[Geeky Guide] Four Years Of Determined Geekery!

Flickr: mdverde - Mi Colección de Transformers (10-Abr-2009)
Mi Colección de Transformers (10-Abr-2009)
by mdverde via Flickr.

Today marks the fourth year of The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything. It's a tad hard to believe (at least for me), but it's true. Four years ago, I started this Blogger-hosted blog since I just wanted to see what Google had done with the application after they had announced Blogger Beta (now Blogger in Draft) and all that good stuff. And the rest is history.

Since then, I've managed to work out a more regular blogging schedule, organize the topics better and round out the entries more with diverse topics. Now I've made sure to discuss movies, TV shows, books, games, the web, relevant news, theater plays, musicals, toys and of course items of LGBT interest.

After four years, I have over 1,500 entries, nearly 700 comments, a modest 52,000 visits with nearly 70,000 page views. Thankfully, more than 47% of you use alternative browsers like Firefox and more than 98% of you are happily on broadband in all its diverse forms. And for the curious, I've just managed to get over $52.00 in AdSense revenue, which isn't much but which is also hardly the goal of this blog. I continue writing because I like sharing things that I'm passionate about and it's more important to me that the articles are worth reading rather than me focusing on SEO too much or tailoring articles to advertisers' whims.

Thanks for continuing to support the Geeky Guide all these years and I do hope that I'll continue to provide everyone with interesting and relevant content for geeks and non-geeks alike. And always, I look forward to hearing more from you in comments, IMs and emails.

Now Transform and Roll Out!
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